Stacking and Fixing

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  1. remnant3333 says:

    Hello, Just wanted to know about tiered cake. I want to do a two layer tiered cake but have read that some people take the top layer off cake when cutting and others say they leave it on and just cut it lightly. Also, those who take top layer off say that the icing seems to stick to the cardboard and it all comes off the cake. Have you ever had this issue and what do you do to avoid the icing sticking to the cardboard? Or do you just cut the top layer lightly since there is a cardboard underneath each layer? I appreciate your input on this matter. I do not have to do the cake until December. I miss seeing your videos so I just watch the ones you have over and over!!! Thanks again. My prayers are with you and your family!!! God loves you!!!

    • lol, that is one topic that is extremely varied and it comes down to preference, what YOU would feel most comfortable doing. I will tell you what I do though and perhaps that will help. In the beginning I used to completely wrap my boards in wax paper, both sides, because I was afraid of the cake sticking. But I didn’t do it once and nothing bad happened so I haven’t done it since. Only one thing makes the frosting stick to the board: moisture. If you are using a crusting buttercream and don’t plan on putting it in the fridge then the board should not stick.
      The other question, about cutting, I’ve actually done it both ways and I like to remove the tier because it’s less messy. Cutting the top tier while it’s still on the cake can cause crumbs to scatter, you might scrape the frosting of the tier beneath, etc. Of course, it’s just going to be eaten anyway but I still like to remove it. I use a broad cutting knife, slide it under, and gently move it towards my fingers until I can get a good hold and lift. And even that method isn’t set, there are probably a dozen other way to do that too.
      Hope this helps and thank you so much for your prayers!!

  2. remnant3333 says:

    Thanks for the information. I value your opinion and I greatly appreciate it!! Keep hanging on to Jesus and know that He will never leave nor forsake you!!! /Mary

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